Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

A method preferred more commonly by women, eyebrow transplant is successfully carried out after accidents, trauma, burn injuries, etc. FUE method is used for removing hair follicles from donor area and transplanting them to eyebrow area at proper angles in order to achieve a natural look, similar to hair and beard transplant. 

Transplanted eyebrows do not fall off and permanent outcomes are obtained. Eyebrows are one of the main determining elements for characteristic appearance and facial expressions. Therefore, the crucial point in eyebrow transplant is deciding the new shape of the eyebrow. The decision is made preoperatively along with the person by taking into consideration their wishes and the most ideal eyebrow shape for facial features.

Eyebrows may be lost secondary to accidents, traumas, burns and certain dermatological conditions. On the other hand, shape of eyebrows has been also dictated by fashion trends and, especially women tend to follow fashion trends, as is the general case. Eyebrows are plucked in line with said trends; however after some time and frequent hair removal, certain parts of eyebrows do not grow back even if the person wishes to grow those areas thicker in future.

Eyebrow transplant is an effective method for people who has lost their eyebrows due to traumas, burns and certain skin conditions as well as for those who cannot grow eyebrows after prolonged hair removal or who prefer a thicker eyebrow. 

The hair follicles in the back of the neck, which is resistant to fall-off, are transplanted to the eyebrow region for eyebrow transplant. The new shape of the eyebrow is planned such that they are left within anatomical margins patients’ wishes are also taken into account.

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