Hair Transplant Under Sedation

Hair Transplant Under Sedation

Sedation is administered in hair transplant to have the patient feel more comfortable while the surgery is performed. This technique enable zero pain and ache in hair transplant procedures.

Although hair transplant surgery is usually carried out under local anesthesia in a regional pain-free manner, sedation is a type of anesthesia that can be preferred over local anesthesia in hair transplant through intravenous administration of sedative agents combined with anesthetic drugs, as some patients request this modality due to needle phobia.

Who are good candidates for hair transplant under sedation?

Hair transplant under sedation is an option for everybody who seek hair transplant, but have fear or concerns. This technique offers a solution for the problem of hair problem particularly in people who have needle phobia or low pain threshold.

In short, hair transplant under sedation provides comfort rather than risks.

How is hair transplant under sedation performed?

Stages of hair transplant under sedation;

Stage 1

The patient is evaluated, the recipient zone is determined and hair transplant appointment is scheduled.

Stage 2

The patient should stop eating and drinking for a certain period before presenting to the clinic for hair transplantation, blood tests are done and the procedure is started, after scalp hair is cut.

Stage 3

Special anesthetic drugs are administered into a vein of the arm and thus, a short-lasting sleepy state is induced.

Stage 4

The painful procedures are carried out, while patients feel no pain in this sleepy state.

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