Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is the procedure of supplementing protein, vitamin and minerals which are needed by hair follicles, as is the case with all living cells. Supplementation attempted through mesotherapy aims to make hair healthier and look vivid and it is injected directly to the scalp to prevent hair loss, regardless of the underlying cause. Blood circulation is boosted in hair follicles, which are also activated.

Mesotherapy is a treatment modality that is given to the middle layer of the skin. Hair mesothreapy is the procedure in which the vitamins (mineral, protein etc.) necessary for the hair are instilled to the scalp with very thin needles.

Hair mesotherapy is a method that is performed by administering various vitamins, minerals and some hair growth medicines to subcutaneous tissue of the bald area.

It may be administered in one or two sessions at weekly intervals, depending on the hair’s need. Hair loss stops after 6 to 10 sessions. This method is performed for both men and women.

Androgenic alopecia is a “conventional and well known” indication for mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is an adjuvant method that aims to stop or control the hair loss.

Mesotherapy is a medical technique that directly administers beneficial products to the relevant surrounding tissues. Supplements are administered at small doses into subcutaneous tissue. This subcutaneous injection stimulates the cellular metabolism and prepares the appropriate background to rejuvenate the tissues.

While the method and frequency of the sessions

While the method and frequency of the sessions depend on the structure of the skin, age of the patient and stage of hair loss, general principle of the mesotherapy should be followed; “mild, sparsely and to most appropriate location”. Package programs should be personalized, such as 3 or 4 sessions in first month, 1 session in every 15 days in the second month and 1 session in every 15 days in the third month in addition to maintenance therapy once a month.

Hair mesotherapy is performed for 5-10 sessions at 1-week intervals. Hair mesotherapy is continued afterwards in the form of maintenance therapy at longer intervals. Results are more successful if the patient is younger.

Additional minoxidilin therapy for male patients and hormone therapy for female patients should not be forgotten. Anxiety or distonia mesotherapy should also be added to the cases which present for treatment.

Thirty to forty percent of women suffer from loss of thickness and vitality in hair and partial hair loss after the age of 30. Genetic hair loss occurs in 70% of men. It has been shown that hair growth is boosted and outcomes are improved by vitamins, minerals and drugs (biotin, pantotenic acid, minoxidilin, zinc, amino-acids, vitamins etc.) that are injected inside the skin with hair mesotherapy.

Hair mesotherapy can be combined with different treatments, depending on the type of hair loss.