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Introduction and History

As KOLAN HOSPITAL GROUP, we formed the first member of our chain in healthcare sector with “KOLAN MEDICAL CENTER” which was founded in 1997. We are certainly proud to pioneer a transformation in healthcare sector thanks to our physical and technological infrastructure and to provide all patients with quality and safe healthcare services that are tailored to needs of each patient

We revised our targets in 2003 and the KOLAN HOSPITAL in Güngören created our second ring of the chain. Following incorporation of BÜYÜK ÇEKMECE KOLAN HOSPITAL, SILIVRI KOLAN HOSPITAL, BEYLIKDÜZÜ KOLAN HOSPITAL, KOLAN BRITISH HOSPITAL, ŞIŞLI KOLAN INTERNATIONAL AND BAYRAMPAŞA KOLAN HOSPITAL, Kolan Hospital Group, which invests in “only healthcare” provides service with its institutions in total of 10 centers including Beylikdüzü, Silivri, Büyükçekmece, Güngören, Sefaköy, Şişli, Bayrampaşa and Nicosia/Cyprus.

Our goal, as KOLAN HOSPITAL GROUP, is to offer everyone with reliable service for physical and mental well being, the right of everybody, on the most favorable economic conditions by combining it with quality with our expert, powerful and friendly physicians and healthcare personnel for 24 hours.

Hot-cold air conditioning system, automatic generator system, elevators, single patient suits that include bath, television, nurse call system, central oxygen system and vacuum system are present in our hospitals.

While we were growing the chain in the healthcare sector, we revised our targets as we believe that the technological advancement, development, innovation and in-service training have no end; we try to help your health problems on the one hand, we modernize our equipment and facilities by closely monitoring technological advancement on behalf of you on the other hand.

We and our well-trained healthcare staff and personnel regard all patients as a member of our family and we all aim to restore your healthy status again within shortest time possible.

Best Regards.

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