What is sapphire blade?

Tissues should not be harmed and blood circulation should not be deteriorated while these canals are opened. For this purpose, “blades with sapphire tips” are used to open the canals at Kolan Hair Transplant Center.

Advantages of Sapphire blades:

In this method, hair follicles are extracted using micromotor with FUE technique and special sapphire tips are used instead of metal slit to open canals. Thanks to these tips, smaller micro canals can be opened and thus, recovery period is shortened.

Safir FUE Saç Ekimi

Stages of Sapphire FUE:

Grafts which are harvested from donor area are carefully placed into canals that are opened with sapphire blades one by one.

Step Step FUE Method
Step 1: Surgery Plan

At Kolan Hair Transplant Center, recipient area is first evaluated by a doctor.  Hair transplant procedure is planned, also considering patient’s requests. In the first encounter, the severity of hair loss, recipient areas and the number of graft are determined

Step 2: Extraction of Hair Follicles
Step 3: Preparing the recipient area
Blades with sapphire tips (Sapphire blades) have important advantages compared to steel tools.
Step 4: Placement of Grafts

Grafts are placed to previously determined recipient site one by one. Directions (their angle to the scalp) should be precisely determined, while grafts harvested from the donor area are placed. These two strategic placements are directly related with natural looking hair transplant outcomes.